Josh Finklea

Josh Finklea

Topics: Evangelism and Discipleship, Youth and Young Adults

Josh Finklea

Josh Finklea began his ministry, Staroutreach, when he saw the need to minister to the unwanted of the world and to train others to do the same.

He has been a pastor since 1989 and has been traveling and sharing his message since the mid '90s. He has a huge passion for the lost because he knows what it means to be lost.

Josh's life started on a rough road. He was born deaf and his father left the family. From there the road went from being rough to just being the wrong road. After several surgeries he received his hearing, which he used to listen to the world. Josh jumped into sin as a youth, and started experimenting with drugs and other things while he was still in elementary school. Each year, he went deeper and deeper into habits of sin.

Josh hit rock-bottom at the age of 17, when he committed a felony offense. After committing the felony, he lay on his bed, wept and prayed to an "unknown" God. That night for the first time he heard the voice of God instead of the voice of the world. Josh found love and purpose through Jesus Christ, and he now takes that message to the world.

He shares God's love with the lost and hurting of the world, and he challenges others to do the same.

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