Jerry Henderson

Jerry Henderson
Jerry Henderson

Topics: Advocates/Volunteer Networks, Church Engagement, Corporate Philanthropy Trends, US Church Trends

Jerry Henderson

Jerry Henderson is the National Emerging Markets Director at Compassion International and believes the church is the greatest, most vital grassroots organization in the world.

“I believe the church is God’s plan A and the hope of the world,” says Jerry. “He put the mandate to help the poor upon the church. When the church gets engaged, it is a catalyst for ending extreme poverty.”

“The twist,” Jerry continues, “is that while the poor need the church, the church also need the poor. When the two come together, it is transformational on both sides of the equation.”

As a former senior pastor and now National Emerging Markets Director, Jerry has spoken at hundreds of churches across the country and around the world. “Researching church trends and speaking within different church families allows me to learn about the church both nationally and globally. My role gives me insight into what the church has done in the past, and what is currently happening within the church. The Emerging Markets division at Compassion is all about innovation and new and high growth marketing strategies. We continue to research, identify and implement new strategies for Compassion to engage Christians in the fight against poverty,” says Jerry.

“The most strategic thing we can do in the world is impact the life of a child,” Jerry says. “When we develop human capital in children and they realize their potential, they can become a catalyst for life change in their communities.”

Personal History:
Jerry earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with an emphasis on International Development from Oakland University. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management where he focused on international business, corporate philanthropy trends and corporate responsibility.

Jerry has traveled to over 25 countries and conducted field studies in Brazil, UAE, India and Switzerland. Currently Jerry travels 3-4 times per year with Compassion.

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