Jean Clement Chery

Jean Clement Chery

Topics: Child Advocacy, Compassion Alumni, Formerly Sponsored Children, Poverty

Jean Clement Chery

Born and raised in a remote village in Haiti, Jean learned about the importance of education at an early age.  “Everyone strongly believed that education was a vehicle to get out of poverty and into a better life,” he remembers.  Jean’s dream as a young boy was to become an educated man, but this hope was severely challenged when he realized just how many of the kids in his village could not attend school simply because their parents could not afford it. He remembers being very afraid that his dreams would never come true. 

At 7 years old, a group of women from a Lutheran Church in the United States decided to sponsor Jean and Compassion stepped in to begin to change Jean’s reality. Through Compassion he was able to complete both primary and secondary school in Haiti, while learning about the hope found in Jesus Christ. “Compassion not only allowed me to get a good education,” he recalls, “but it also allowed my parents to use the little bit of money they could come up with to pay the school tuitions for my other four siblings and to take care of the basic necessities for the family.” Jean is now living out his once seemingly impossible dreams. In addition to English, he speaks Haitian Creole and French fluently and has received a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering as well as a second Masters in Engineering Management. Jean has also obtained a Masters of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Seminary and is now an ordained minister. He currently works as a Biomedical Engineer for a medical device company to support his family and ministry and one day hopes to obtain his PhD.

Jean continues to be very passionate about his home country of Haiti and his heart is to see his country lifted from the grips of poverty. He is committed to investing in and educating the next generation of Haitian leaders. “Compassion sponsorship has made, and is continuing to make, a world of difference in my life by empowering me to help the less fortunate. Thanks to what Compassion did for me, over the past 3 years, my wife and I have built and funded a primary/grade school in a remote village of Haiti. It is currently giving over 200 children in the village access to a quality education at no charge to them, just like Compassion did for me.”

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