Daniel Maina

Daniel Maina

Topics: Formerly Sponsored Children, Poverty

Leadership Development Student, Daniel Njenga Maina
Orphaned at the age of 9 and living with his step-father in a community characterized by poverty, high crime, prostitution and drug abuse, Daniel’s source of hope was found in the Compassion project where he was enrolled.  The local gang of youths tried to recruit him, but God delivered him from that life by providing project staff that was available to give counsel and direction to live an upright life in spite of the slum environment that dictated otherwise. 

After two years of hard labor to try to earn the money needed to attend university, Daniel was accepted into the LDP program where he learned to live for the sake of others, being encouraged to give back to the community and serve there.  His leadership abilities were recognized and cultivated as he grew into a servant leader at his university.

Daniel feels led to become a pastor in Kenya.  Through an internship with his church, he sees clearly the great need for making disciples and accurately teaching God’s Word.  He currently attends Moody Theological Seminary where he hopes to attain a degree in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship.

When he completes his studies, he hopes to plant a church in an urban community within the city of Nairobi and to assist in developing a curriculum that would be used to train lay leaders who cannot afford theological training.
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