Daniel Giddings

Daniel Giddings
Daniel Giddings

Topics: Child Advocacy, Discipling Teens, Spiritual Growth, Youth and Young Adults

Daniel Giddings

Daniel has a BA in English Literature from Cedarville University in Ohio. After college, he spent a year working as a groom and navigator for H'ND Stables in Aiken, South Carolina where he had the privilege of participating in the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

He spent several summers on staff with Summit Ministries until becoming the Associate Director of Summit East in 2007. After Summit, Daniel spent three years teaching English in South Korea at the Yale Foreign Language Academy. Originally from South Carolina, Daniel currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO.


If you could blend C.S. Lewis with MTV, the result would be Axis.

Axis creatively teaches a post-literate generation via the medium of current popular culture. In the midst of today's often confusing marketplace of ideas, we interview different worldviews and narratives by peering through the lens of media and asking the question: Does the Gospel of Jesus stand firm when compared to other "gospels" presented by the world? Our speaking teams are intentionally relational and exist to awaken the next generation and resource their parents to follow Jesus. Axis exists at the intersection of ideas, media, and generations.

We leverage technology. We are insanely visual. We learn students' names. We encourage underage thinking. We move students from apathy to action.

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