Cecilia Anyango Nyamwandha

Cecilia Anyango Nyamwandha

Topics: Child Advocacy, Compassion Alumni, Formerly Sponsored Children, Poverty

Cecilia Anyango Nyamwandha

Cecilia declares that her story is one of “hope, courage, and the knowledge that it’s not over until God says it’s over.”  She was born in the Nyanza Province of Kenya into a very poor family. Her parents struggled to provide for her and her many siblings and with very little means to obtain their basic needs, she recalls life being incredibly tough. Cecilia dreamed of staying in school and becoming a leader and this dream came true when Compassion entered into her life.  “Child sponsorship provided me with food, clothing, education, medical attention, and above all else, I received letters and gifts from my sponsors. They made me feel loved and special and I worked hard in school to make something out of the opportunity I had been given.”

Cecilia heard of the Leadership Development Program while volunteering at the CDSP project after high school and knew that it was an answer to her prayers. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Science-Physics from the University of Nairobi as well as diplomas in Basic Physics and Earth System Physics from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. Currently, Cecilia is pursuing a PhD in Earth Sciences-Geophysics at the Center for Earthquake Research and Information at the University of Memphis.

During her time at the University of Nairobi, Cecilia co-founded two physics associations-one specifically for women physicists, along with speaking to girls in Compassion projects, encouraging them to pursue their dreams.  Cecilia longs to see God-fearing leaders rise up in Kenya with the same core values that Compassion has instilled in her. She remembers meeting her Compassion sponsors, stating, “It was one of the greatest moments of my life and it is my prayer that God will use my life and story to touch the lives of people and enable them to sponsor future leaders.”

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