Bart Campolo

Bart Campolo

Topics: Evangelism and Discipleship, Poverty, Youth and Young Adults

Bart Campolo

Bart Campolo is a experienced urban minister and activist who speaks and writes about grace, faith, loving relationships and social justice.

He is a popular speaker at conferences, youth gatherings and college campuses across the United States. He is a recognized Staley Foundation Distinguished Lecturer and the Executive Vice President of Mission Year, a pro-church urban youth ministry organization that promotes a 12-month discipleship program for young adults.

Bart is the leader of The Walnut Hills Fellowship, a ministry in inner-city Cincinnati, and the founder of Mission Year, a Christian ministry that recruits committed young adults to live and work among the poor in inner-city neighborhoods.

He also serves as the Executive Director of The Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE), which develops and supports innovative, cost-effective mission projects around the world.

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