Alex Mutagubya

Alex Mutagubya

Alex Mutagubya grew up in Kampala, Uganda, along the shore of Lake Victoria. His dad abandoned the family before he was born, and when his mother became a Christian, her family abandoned her. His mother could hardly afford to feed her children. Alex retells this memory: "I remember many nights when we would sit around her as she gives each one of us a cup of water, with tears running down her face and then telling us to go to bed; she had nothing to feed us."

His mother believed in the importance of having an education. However, in Uganda, at the beginning of class the headmaster or principal reads the names of those who have not paid their school fees and sends them home. Although Alex loved school, he would not attend in order to avoid this embarrassment.

All this began to change when the pastor took Alex to have his picture taken. The pastor explained that people who loved the children would help them to go to school. In Compassion's Child Survival Program, Alex also received lunch and food packages to take home - and his first pair of shoes and his first blanket.

During Sunday church services, Alex discovered that he wanted to be like his pastor. He recalls, "I would sit in front, look direct at him as he preached, listening attentively and usually after the service, I would go to him with questions about his sermon. Over time, he became the father I never had at home. ...It just seemed like there is no question he could not answer."

After finishing high school, Alex was selected for Compassion's Leadership Development Program. In that program God reinforced Alex's desire to join the ministry and preach God's word. After graduating from the university with a degree in adult and community education, he served for four years on the pastoral team of his home church.

Alex says that he wants to help disciple others and empower them for spiritual transformation and to train Christian leaders in Uganda. With that goal in mind he came to the U.S. to complete a masters of divinity degree at Multnoma Biblical Seminary.

Alex and his wife, Faith, have a daughter named Aaleyah.

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