Abner Fleuranvil

Abner Fleuranvil
Abner Fleuranvil

Abner's story in Haiti begins with this memory: "Nothing had meaning for me, I did not know when, how and who would come up with better life for me. One day, hope and a chance for a better life came my way. The hope that made me believe that I could go to school. ... All this was God's plan through Compassion."

Abner says he felt like Joseph in the Bible, whom God gave a chance to become great in his family. It was the same for him when a sponsor made the decision to select him through Compassion. He could not wait to learn to write so that he could write to his sponsors.

When Abner was 15, he was ready to help other Compassion-assisted children write to their sponsors. At 17, he began working for the center as a secretary. By 20, he became program manager for the center. He says that through the support of the child development center, he became a productive citizen. Through other organizations he was able to teach youth about protecting themselves against HIV and help them draw a roadmap for their future.

Later he received a letter from the Haitian government to participate in the third annual conference of Haitian mayors in Miami, FL. This was a wonderful opportunity which fit with his desire to become a diplomat.

Abner sums up his feelings: "I thank God for being compassionate and for the Compassion organization. ...It helped me to know God. The largest gift Compassion could offer me is that Compassion helps me know God since my childhood. With this gift, I will continue living with hope on this earth with great pride and respect: Thanks God!"

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