Abbel Joseph

Abbel Joseph

One of five children in a family struggling to meet basic needs, Abbel was 11 when he became a Compassion-sponsored child in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Through Compassion he received Bible training, help with school fees, medical and food support, and instruction in income-generating skills.

His sponsor's care was a major influence on his life. "We were each connected with a sponsor, a loving and caring person, who not only sent gifts but invaded us by words of encouragement and enhanced in us a sense of self-esteem and a desire to thrive," Abbel says. After graduating from the program, he was able to provide significant financial support to his family. Today he sponsors a little boy from his former Compassion center and a second one in Colombia.

Abbel's leadership is apparent in more than just his family. After Haiti's devastating earthquake in January 2010, he became an influential member of a relief committee. He used his ability to speak French, Spanish and English to contact non-governmental organizations and other relief institutions.

The Leadership Development Program enabled Abbel to graduate from the High Commercial and Economic Studies Institute in the field of business management. He desires to equip his "brothers and sisters in Christ to reach their full maturity, to accept God's design for their life and live a life of faithfulness and purity." He also has a passion to disciple others, to work with street kids and those in detention centers in order to be part of raising a new generation of youngsters who will change Haiti. His vision is that one day Haiti will become like South Korea; making the transformation from ‘sponsored’ to ‘sponsor’. Abbel hopes his Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship from Moody Theological Seminary will help him achieve his dreams.

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