Christian Charity Organization

Christian Charity Organization

Compassion International, founded in 1952 by Everett Swanson, is a Christian charity organization devoted to releasing poor children from spiritual, social, economic and physical poverty. Today, we serve over 728,000 children in need in more than 20 countries. Find out how you can make a difference in the life of one special child by following the links below.

Donations to Our Nonprofit Charitable Organization

When you make a charity donation to our nonprofit Christian charity organization, you can choose to support a variety of causes, all of which are dedicated to improving the lives of poor children. Discover the benefits Compassion’s Christian charities and how they profoundly change the lives of children in need.

Child Survival Program

Each day, an estimated 30,000 children under the age of five die because preventable causes, such as malnutrition. Our Christian charity organization is committed to reducing this disturbing number of preventable deaths through our Child Survival Program.

Compassion’s Child Survival Program provides the mother or primary caregiver with education both before and after the birth of a child in the following areas:

  • Growth Monitoring
  • Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)
  • Breast Feeding
  • Immunization
  • Female Literacy

The first five years of a child’s life are a crucial period of development. By making a charity donation to our nonprofit charitable organization, you are helping to ensure children have positive experiences during their early years, a critical component of healthy child development.

Child Sponsorship Program

Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program offers you the opportunity to change the life of one special little boy or girl forever.

Thousands of hopeful children are currently registered with our Christian charity organization, but have not yet been sponsored. With your tax-deductible donation of just $38 a month, you will ensure that one special child receives:

  • Educational opportunities
  • Health care and supplemental nutrition, if necessary
  • Opportunities for safe, healthy recreation
  • Opportunities to learn about important life skills
  • Most important of all, sponsoring a child will allow your child to hear about Jesus and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

Sharing your love, prayers and support with a child in need will have more of an impact than you can possibly imagine. Compassion’s Christian charity organization allows you to give a child hope for the future and for all of eternity.

Ways to Sponsor a Child

With Compassion, you can select the child you would like to sponsor. Our Christian charity organization offers various options for sponsoring a child in need.

  • Browse child photos
  • Select a child for me
  • Search for a child

There are thousands of children waiting to be sponsored. You can browse through their photos and read their biographies to help you select the child you would like to sponsor. Or you can search for a child by age, gender, region or country. You can also select an orphaned child, or one who has a mental or physical disability. No matter which child you decide to sponsor, your generous donations to our nonprofit charitable organization will ensure that at least one more child will no long have to suffer.

Of the 2.2 billion children living on this planet, one billion of them live in poverty and 300 million go to bed hungry every single night. With your help, our Christian charity organization can reduce this number one child at a time.

Leadership Development Program

Another beneficial program offered by our Christian charity organization is our Leadership Development Program. This unique program offers graduates from our Child Sponsorship Program the opportunity to earn a university education. The program also helps these bright students develop and enhance their leadership skills and abilities.

When young Compassion-assisted men or women show potential to become Christian leaders, they become candidates for our Leadership Development Program. Before entering the program, however, these candidates must first meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate strong evidence of Christian character and testify to God’s leading in his or her life
  • Contribute significantly in school, church and community
  • Maintain outstanding academic performance, along with extracurricular activities
  • Be endorsed and recommended by both school and church
  • Contribute to school and community needs

Our Christian charity helps these special young men and women become well-educated Christian leaders so that one day they may positively influence their own churches, communities and nations.

More Charitable Giving Opportunities

Our Christian charity organization offers many other charitable giving opportunities to support children in need. No matter which program or fund you choose, you can be sure that your charity donation will be used to help improve the quality of life for deserving children around the world.

Our Honesty and Integrity

Our Christian charity organization takes stewardship very seriously. That is why we allow you to see exactly where your money is going.

At Compassion, we provide annual reports that itemize our total expenses for the year. We also insist on program audits to measure the effectiveness of each of our church partners. Our Christian charity wants to make sure you understand precisely how your charity donations are being used, which means you can request a copy of our annual financial audits at any time.

Our Christian charity organization has been positively identified by several publications and financial accountability groups all over the country. Charity Navigator, which is America’s largest independent charity evaluator, even gave Compassion four out of four stars, its highest rating.

When you make a donation to our nonprofit charitable organization, you can be certain that it will be used to make a profound difference in the lives of children in need.