Child Labor in India

Child labor in india is a pressing issue that has finally been addressed by India's Parliament. They recently passed an amendment to prohibit employing children under the age of 14 and anyone who defies the law will be sentenced to a three-year jail term and a fine of $900. Although India is taking steps towards helping children it will still be sometime before child labor is completely eradicated in this country.
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Child Labor in India

Some of these jobs require them to work long hours in hazardous situations, such as mines and factories. It is not unusual to see even young children in India working as virtual slaves for only a few rupees.

To deal with this pressing issue, India’s Parliament recently proposed an amendment to the country’s child labor laws that would impose a three-year jail term and a fine of $900 for anyone who employs children younger than 14 in any kind of work.

In India, Compassion places priority on keeping sponsored children in school and out of the work force. Through Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, assistance for school fees, uniforms and supplies that poor parents simply cannot afford is made available. And sponsorship’s many other benefits – from regular nutritious meals to medical assistance – help relieve families’ financial burden.

Of course, child labor in India won’t be eradicated with one amendment. But it is a step in the right direction. And it is an extra protection for the children that Compassion and our local church partners serve.

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