Charitable Organizations

Charitable Organizations

All around the globe, a wide variety of charitable organizations are working to bring hope to a hurting world. Compassion International, a Christ-focused child development ministry, stands out among these charitable organizations for a variety of reasons.

One thing that distinguishes Compassion from other charitable organizations is our commitment to always stay a Christ-centered ministry. Our founder was a pastor, motivated by Christ's love for the poor. More than 50 years later, we remain commited to keeping Jesus Christ at the center of everything that we do.

Another way that Compassion is unique among charitable organizations is that our programs are run entirely through local churches around the world. This means that there are people all around the world dedicated to reaching the poor within their own community. Compassion works with local pastors who understand the specific needs of their own community and equips them with the resources they need to make a difference.

Compassion's primary focus on children is another distinctive that separates us from other charitable organizations. We believe that investing in children is the most strategic way to change the world. A changed child changes their family, a changed family changes their community, a changed community changes their country and enough changed countries change the world.

With so many charitable organizations out there, it's hard to know which ones are truly making a difference. We encourage you to do your research. Ask the tough questions, dig deep and when you do, we're confident that Compassion will stand out as a beacon of integrity, passion and commitment.

Charitable Organizations Can Do a World of Good
Compassion was awarded Charity Navigator's highest award for charitable organizations.

Compassion: one of the top charitable organizations in the world!

Compassion International, one of the leading nonprofit charitable organizations, serves impoverished children and families worldwide. We consistently receive high ratings for financial accountability and integrity for charitable organizations. At least 80 percent of all expenditures are used on programs serving children. Charity Navigator awarded Compassion International four out of four stars, its highest rating for charitable organizations. In earning this rating, Compassion has demonstrated exceptional financial health, outperforming most of its peers and other charitable organizations in its efforts to manage and grow its finances in the most fiscally responsible way possible.

Charitable organizations like Compassion are rescuing children!

Compassion's programs are among the best operated by charitable organizations and are rooted in Christian child development and child advocacy. Founded by the Rev. Everett Swanson in 1952, Compassion began providing Korean War orphans with food, shelter, education and health care, as well as Christian training.

Today, Compassion helps more than 1,000,000 children in 26 countries. For charitable organizations, our model is distinctive — it's truly a long-term process, beginning in some cases with prenatal care and going all the way through leadership development for qualified young adults.

Partner with Compassion, one of the leading charitable organizations in the world!

By making a charitable contribution to Compassion you can help one of the leading charitable organizations in the world rescue children from poverty. For just $38 a month, you can sponsor a child in need and offer your child the basic necessities of life, as well as hope. Partner with one of the leading charitable organizations in the world! Compassion is ready to match you with a child in need today.

Make a donation to charitable organizations like Compassion and offer children a new beginning!

You can also make a tax-deductible donation and help charitable organizations like Compassion continue to release children from poverty in Jesus' name. 

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Financial Integrity

Compassion consistently receives high ratings for financial accountability and integrity. 

charity navigator 

Charity Navigator, America's largest charity evaluator, has awarded Compassion its highest rating — four stars — for 14 consecutive years, placing Compassion in the top 1 percent of all charities.