Advocates for Children

Advocates for Children

Advocates for children are the passion and heart of Compassion's ministry. Much of Compassion's success in releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name is thanks to this army of advocates for children and their relentless efforts to make a difference.

Poverty can be overwhelming for a person trying to fight it alone. When you join our network of advocates for children, you join thousands of people who have the same passion for fighting poverty. You are a part of a strong and passionate team of like-minded individuals.

As one of our advocates for children, you will have access to lots information and resources to help you as you speak up for children in poverty. As you spend your time speaking up for the "least of these," you align your heart with God's heart for the poor. 

Are you interested in becoming one of these advocates for children? It's easy. Contact us today and begin your journey to deeper intimacy and solidarity with Christ.

Advocates for Children Fight World Poverty
Learn How You Can Join the Ranks of Compassion's Advocates for Children.

Advocates for Children Start by Learning

Sometimes the issues of poverty can seem insurmountable. But successful advocates for children begin to fight poverty by understanding the facts.

Advocates for children know that:

  • More than 4 million children die from malnutrition each year.
  • One in every two children in the world today lives in poverty.
  • Around the world, 300 million children will go to bed hungry tonight.

Advocates for Children Finish by Doing

Advocates for children understand poverty's grim reality. But Compassion's advocates for children also know the ministry has helped hundreds of thousands of children in poverty. So what are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of advocates for children who have sponsored children through Compassion.

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