Compassion International: Change the Story
Compassion International

The Compassion Experience

Step into True Stories that Start in Poverty and End in Hope

We've all heard the statistics: over a billion people live on less than $1.25 a day. But what would it be like to actually step inside the life of a child who lives in extreme poverty? Then, how amazing would it be to watch that child break the chains of poverty before your very eyes?

THE COMPASSION EXPERIENCE is an immersive, audio, visual and tactile journey that pulls back the curtain on global poverty and reveals the power of hope. You will step inside the stories of actual Compassion children, visit faithful reproductions of real places and moments in their lives, and see firsthand the eternal impact one caring sponsor can make.

Let Your Whole Church Travel the World - Without Leaving Your Neighborhood

Pastors everywhere want to give their congregants an expanded worldview - to have them share God's heart for the poor. The Compassion Experience brings the far reaches of the world to your doorstep with an unforgettable, community-wide event - and there is no charge for admission. Your whole church will see how God is moving powerfully in the lives of children in poverty AND their Compassion sponsors. Your church will never be the same!

Bring the Experience to Your Church or Event

Find out how you can bring Compassion's Change the Story display to your church or special event. Email us at A Compassion representative will contact you with more information.

What Other Pastors Are Saying

"What an incredible opportunity for our people, to step into an experience that's right outside our church door...and it's as if you're on the ground overseas."
Lee Coate, Missions Pastor, The Crossing

"We see this as an important part of our church's disciple-making process."
Joby Martin, Senior Pastor, Church of Eleven22

"We tell our folks, 'If you can't go on a mission trip, go to the Compassion Experience.'"
Dr. Chris Stephens, Senior Pastor, Faith Promise Church

"The ability to experience a life of poverty in this interactive doesn't happen anywhere else."
Cayce Stapp, International Missions Pastor, Church of the Resurrection