Illness and Poverty

Treatment for Illness or Injury

Illness and poverty often go hand in hand. Each day, thousands of children die because their illnesses or injuries go untreated. Parents often don’t have the resources to get a broken bone set or they are unable to pay for treatment for an illness. Sometimes something that requires simple treatment escalates into a fatal illness because it is left untreated. Other kids struggle with a life-long injury.

Almost 19,000 children under 5 die every day from diseases that are preventable. Those killers include pneumonia, which contributes to 18 percent of deaths of children under 5, and diarrhea, which is responsible for 11 percent.

You can help with illness and poverty. Your gift will help treat burns, set broken bones, provide essential medication, and stop the spread of infection.

These treatments help children live full and active childhoods. Help combat illness and poverty today.

Treatment for Illness or Injury
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