MercyMe Loves the Compassion Gift Catalog

MercyMe Loves the Compassion Gift Catalog

The award-winning band MercyMe has been a partner of Compassion since 2004, and through their support more than 32,000 children have been sponsored. And now the band uses Compassion’s Gift Catalog to help children around the world.

“[We believe] that one of the best ways to bless a loved one this Christmas season is to purchase an item in the Compassion catalog that is a gift that ‘keeps on giving’ and makes an eternal impact on a child and his family!”

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What if there were a way for you to share with your friends and family your passion for helping children in poverty?

The Wish List provides a platform for you not only to communicate your desire to advocate for children, but also to get your loved ones involved.

Build your Wish List today and share it with your family and friends!

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"My son Sam was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes as a young boy. His desire is to find a cure not only for his own sickness but also the illnesses that other kids around the world deal with on a daily basis. The gifts that can be given to help those kids who have a medical need are the closest to the heard of the Millard Clan."

— Bart Millard,

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