Hope Restored

Hope Restored

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When Nifani was a year old, she tried to stand. She tried to walk. Her will was strong, and she wanted to run and play with her brother. But her body was weak, her legs unable to support her weight. She was severely malnourished, and weighed just 11 pounds. Nifani’s mother, Agustina, looked at her impossibly frail daughter and wondered one thing.

Would Nifani live to see her next birthday?

Just a few months after Nifani’s first birthday, neighbors told Agustina about the Compassion Child Survival Program in their community. The program existed to help mothers and babies just like Nifani, and when workers saw how severely malnourished the child was, Nifani and her mother were immediately registered.

At the Child Survival Program where Nifani was registered, the staff members were able to use funds from Compassion’s Therapeutic Feeding Intervention to care for Nifani. In less than two years, Nifani more than doubled in size, and regained her strength. Soon she was running and playing with her new friends. Soon Nifani will enter Compassion’s sponsorship program, and while she waits for a sponsor, the Unsponsored Children’s Fund will ensure that she receives the full resources Compassion offers — including medical checkups and school fees.

“Compassion offers much benefit to me and my baby,” says Agustina. “Through the program, I learn to pray, and even my daughter now becomes the prayer reminder for the whole family. I feel blessed by God, for He has protected my family.”

Because of your support and gifts, children like Nifani have hope for the future. You are changing the world for Nifani and millions of other children living in desperate poverty!