Help Babies

Babies in poverty are among the world's most vunerable citizens but you can help babies around the world to survive and thrive. Babies who live in extreme poverty have a 95 percent chance of dying before five years old, but with your help babies facing these devatating odds will have a chance at life. Compassion's Child Survival Program is a unique and life-changing program that is reaching thousands of babies and mothers around the globe.

While the odds of survival for a baby born in poverty are extremely low, a baby who is in Compassion's program has 95 percent chance that he or she will live to be five years old and beyond. Now those are some good odds! The Child Survival Program is a way for you to help babies and mothers escape the statistics and find hope for a better life.

As a part of Compassion's Child Survival Program, mothers and their babies receive benefits such as health care and immunizations, food supplements and nutritional counseling, vocational training, spiritual discipling. All of these benefits help babies and their mothers to break the cycle of poverty they are stuck in and change their lives.

You can be a part of this life-changing program by signing up to sponsor a mother and her baby today. With your help babies and their mothers will know hope - many for the first time - and this hope is perhaps the greatest gift of all!

For only $20 a month your support can:
Prevent illnesses through medical check-ups and immunizations.
Provide nutrition that pregnant moms and babies need.
Prepare moms with training to care for their baby.
Proclaim the hope of Jesus to moms and babies living in poverty.


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Help Vulnerable Infants and Babies

The Child Survival Program is Compassion's first response to fight poverty on behalf of vulnerable infants and unborn babies.

When you chose to support the Child Survival Program you are:

  • Medical checkups
  • Immunizations
  • Food supplements and nutritional counseling
  • Instruction in reading and writing
  • Life-skills and vocational training
  • Spiritual mentoring and discipleship
Meet Alem and Sara

Alem lives with her husband and five children in the community of Wolkite. Alem makes enjera to sell on the roadside and her husband works as a day laborer, but even with both jobs, they only make enough to support their most basic needs. When Alem’s last child, Sara, was born two years ago, she was undernourished and had it not been for the intervention of the Welkite Mekane Yesus CSP, she would have died.

Alem and Sara attend the CSP regularly and Sara is now a happy, healthy two-year-old. At the center, Alem enjoys fellowship with the other mothers and has learned a lot from her interactions with them.

"CSP has helped me to realize the importance of fellowship. I learned plenty of things – among them are; the importance of trusting people and working in harmony. I have so many things to teach to my kids about my life experience so that they won’t repeat my mistakes."

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