Around the World

Around the World

Around the world children living in poverty face extreme obstacles just to survive. Children who do not have an education, access to clean water, and medical care often times repeat the cycle of poverty in their families. But with Compassion International children have hope of escaping poverty. Compassion provides children with access to education, clean water, medical care, and skills to help them earn a better living for their own families some day - breaking the cycle of poverty for them and future generations.

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Ocean Escape!

Surf’s up! These kids in Brazil are making waves.

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Happy With Less

These Compassion-sponsored kids don’t need a lot of toys to be happy or have fun.

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To the Rescue!

Edwin, an elephant keeper in Kenya, was in Compassion’s program when he was little. See how he cares for God’s creatures!

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How Do You Get to School?

These kids in the Philippines used to swim across a dangerous river just to get to school. Now a canoe helps them start their journey.

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Skills for Life

It’s important for children in the developing world to learn skills so they can earn money when they’re older.

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Featherless Friend

The story of Ku, a bird who was born without feathers and can't fly, was adapted from an ancient Mexican fable.

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School in Brazil

How much do you know about school in Brazil? Photos show you what a day is like for 8-year-old Emidio, from the moment he wakes up to the time he gets ready for bed.

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Heart Healthy

Read how doctors helped fix Fatao’s heart.

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From Hurt to Helped

These kids were bullied and teased — just because they are different. But they found help.

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A Healthy Start

Health care is not available to many of the poorest children around the world, but Compassion-sponsored kids get the care they need.

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On a Mission

Meet a girl in the Philippines who loves to teach — especially about Jesus.

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All About Malaria

Malaria is a disease that kills children living in poverty in Africa. But it's a disease that can easily be prevented.

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Powerful Prayers

School is an important part of God's plan for kids. Read the prayers of five Compassion-sponsored children.

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All Aboard

For the poorest kids in many countries, getting to school is hard. But they can still have fun crowding onto boats and bikes.

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School Around the World

See what life is like for students in countries such as India, Kenya and the Philippines.

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