The Waiting is the Hardest Part

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

By: Greg Birgy, Advocate Engagement Director, USA   |   Posted: March 20, 2014

Have you ever had this experience? You’re in a physical education class in school and the instructor shares that you’re going to compete in a team sport during today’s class period. The instructor selects two team captains and then lines the whole class up against the wall. Each team captain takes turns choosing the members of his or her team. You stand against the wall with your classmates praying that you won’t be the last person chosen by the team captain. It’s excruciating as you hear name after name being called as you anxiously wait to hear your name. The remaining number of class members waiting with you is quickly dwindling. You begin to succumb to the enemy’s lies that you will never be able to improve your skills and that your worth is tied to your performance in this sport. No one wants to be the last name called.

Now imagine your excitement as a child living in crippling poverty when you learn that you have been selected to participate in Compassion’s holistic child development program at a local church in your community. You will be given new opportunities and be able to break the cycle of poverty in your family. You are told that this is all possible through a loving God that has moved in the heart of a generous sponsor in another country to come alongside you. You anxiously await learning the name and seeing a photo of your new sponsor. Month after month, your peers in the program celebrate as they are introduced to their sponsors. Month after month you wait, until your hope begins to fade. Will you really get a sponsor? You begin to think that something is wrong with you, that it’s somehow your fault that no one has chosen to sponsor you. The enemy took a blow with the news of your registration in the program but now that same enemy is attacking that hope that was born inside you on that special day.

It’s heartbreaking, but we currently have over 7,500 children that have been waiting over twelve months for a sponsor. Efforts are being made across the organization to find sponsors as soon as possible for all of these children. We on the Advocate Engagement team are praying that through our faithful Advocates, we’ll be able to find sponsors for at least 200 of these children before Compassion Sunday knowing several hundred more will be linked with sponsors through Compassion Sunday activities. Do you know someone that has been on the fence about sponsoring a child? Is God bringing to mind someone you can approach to help meet this special need for a child who has been waiting?

If you think you can find a sponsor for a “priority” child who has been waiting so long for a sponsor, will you place your order online today and indicate in the special comments section that you want a “priority child packet” sent to you?