October 2013 Advocate E-News
The Best Meal You Will Never Eat

one-meal-one-day-badgeOctober 16th is World Food Day, observed since 1979 to encourage people to take action against global hunger and poverty. As a Compassion advocate, you can be a part of both the movement and the solution by joining One Meal One Day. Compassion’s One Meal One Day campaign was designed to serve Compassion-sponsored children who live in places where malnutrition and food insecurity are so profound, they require extraordinary food interventions that exceed the capacity of Compassion’s core services. But you can help bridge this gap.

One Meal One Day is about raising funds and skipping a meal so a child in poverty doesn’t have to. If you haven’t yet registered or want more information, visit onemealoneday.com. You can also learn more by accessing last month’s One Meal One Day webinar recording.

Once you register to join One Meal One Day, you also have the chance to be named the 2013 One Meal One Day Ambassador. As the Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to travel with Compassion overseas and share your experience with other Compassion advocates and supporters. Learn more about our 2013 Ambassadorship.

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