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Compassion Advocate E-News is a monthly e-newsletter sent out to Compassion Advocates. Included in the Compassion Advocate E-News are upcoming classes and webinars, stories of what Advocates are doing and quick facts.

March 2014 Advocate E-News
The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Have you ever had this experience? You’re in a physical education class in school and the instructor shares that you’re going to compete in a team sport during today’s class period. The instructor selects two team captains and then lines the whole class up against the wall. Each team captain takes turns choosing the members of his or her team. You stand against the wall with your classmates praying that you won’t be the last person chosen by the team captain. It’s excruciating as you hear name after name being called as you anxiously wait to hear your name. The remaining number of class members waiting with you is quickly dwindling. You begin to succumb to the enemy’s lies that you will never be able to improve your skills and that your worth is tied to your performance in this sport. No one wants to be the last name called.

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Compassion Sunday – An event for you and your church

Compassion Sunday is truly a great opportunity for you to share your sponsorship story with your church family while advocating for children still waiting for a sponsor. You can make a difference in the lives of children living in poverty by inviting your brothers and sisters in Christ to tell a child, “I’m here for you” by becoming a sponsor themselves.

We have been granted such a privilege in being used by God to bring sponsors and children into each other’s lives! We are here for you, too. As you prepare for your Compassion Sunday, please go to to check out everything that is available to you and to register your event.

Compassion Sunday is May 4th but you can choose any date that best suits your church’s schedule. Register now and we will send your event kit! Our prayer is for God to work in the lives of sponsors, Advocates, and their church families to participate in Compassion Sunday and release 15,000 children from poverty in Jesus’ name!

April Webinar

You’re welcome to join us for our April webinar. Click the link below to learn more about the session and to register. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Praying for Compassion's Children
Tuesday, April 29th, 2014
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM MDT
Details & Registration

Speaking of webinars…

Would you like to view last month’s Advocate Network webinar? Watch it to get equipped with the latest information about your ministry as a Compassion child advocate. Click here and enjoy!

Upcoming Experience Compassion Conferences

Mark your calendars with these upcoming Experience Compassion Conferences.

Chicago (April 25-26) – Details & Registration
Colorado Springs, CO (June 27-29)

Run for Compassion

How about participating in and spreading the word about these runs for Compassion? These 5k or 5k/10k races are Advocate-hosted, family-friendly events promoting awareness of Compassion’s diverse ministries to children: Sponsorship, CIVs (Water of Life), and CSP.

  • Run for Compassion Celebrate Children (Mansfield, TX) - March 22 - Register
  • Run for Compassion – Feeding Frenzy 5K (Kannapolis, NC) - April 5 - Register
  • Run for Compassion Hickory 5K (Hickory, NC) - May 31 - Register
Advocacy Coaching

Coaching conversations are about your ideas and making them happen. Contact a coach today and see how these conversations can help you make an even stronger impact for children in poverty.

Advocate Classes

April classes are up! Take our four core* classes to get your 2014 Advocate Class Completion Certificate. You’re welcome to sign-up today!

*Child Survival Program (CSP), Church Partner/Child Selection (CDSP), Leadership Development Program (LDP), and Sponsorship Plus (CIV).

Contacting the Advocate Network Besides working directly through Advocate Network regional and support staff, the Advocate Network is also available to you via and (800) 336-7535 (7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time Monday through Friday).
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Advocate Network Management Staff

Greg Birgy
National Director

Jason Mezey
Coaching & Training

Gwen Petty
Event Facilitator Manager

John Blanton
Event Contractors Manager

Amanda Priefer
Advocate Manager

Amy Coddington
Karen Spencer
Rick Schluep
Ministry Managers

Rebekah Jordan
Event Volunteer Manager, Northwest

Allen Hinkle
Event Volunteer Manager, Northeast

Greg Gipson
Event Volunteer Manager, Southeast

Jason Wilkins
Event Volunteer Manager, South Central

Jim Hardaway
Event Volunteer Manager, Southwest

Bonnie Belzer
GMC Volunteer Program Manager

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