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Compassion Advocate E-News is a monthly e-newsletter sent out to Compassion Advocates. Included in the Compassion Advocate E-News are upcoming classes and webinars, stories of what Advocates are doing and quick facts.

January 2014 Advocate E-News
Run for Compassion

How about participating in and spreading the word about these runs for Compassion? These 5k or 5k/10k races are Advocate-hosted, family-friendly events promoting awareness of Compassion’s diverse ministries to children: Sponsorship, CIVs (Water of Life), and CSP.

Advocacy Coaching

Why Advocacy Coaching? Because…

  • People will act on what you say 20% of the time.
  • People will act on what they say 80% of the time.
New Resource Guide compassion-resource-guide-fall-2013
Advocate Network Management Staff

Greg Birgy
National Director

Jason Mezey
Advocate Collaboration Director

Ian Durias
Coaching and Training

Gwen Petty
Event Facilitator Manager

John Blanton
Event Contractors Manager

Amanda Priefer
Advocate Manager

Allen Hinkle
(Contact: Candy Entingh)

Karen Spencer
Greg Gipson

Amy Coddington
Jim Hardaway

Rick Schluep
Rebekah Jordan

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