Tell A Child, “I’m Here for You” on Compassion Sunday

Tell A Child, “I’m Here for You” on Compassion Sunday

By: Greg Birgy, Advocate Engagement Director, USA

Do you know where your Compassion Sunday Planning Guide is? You should have received it in the mail by now. Have you taken an opportunity to look through the resources for the 2014 campaign? Have you spoken with your pastor or another church leader about celebrating Compassion Sunday with your congregation? If you haven’t seen this year’s new Compassion Sunday video yet, I encourage you to take a few moments and see it for yourself right now.

I am really excited about this year’s theme, “I’m Here for You.” It underscores the difference a sponsor can make in the life of a child who otherwise may succumb to the lie that her life is worthless—that somehow she deserves to live in extreme poverty. It can transform a child’s life to learn that there is a sponsor that is there for you, that speaks the truth of God’s love into your life and tells you that you really do matter, that you were created for a purpose.

We have the privilege of being used by God to bring sponsors and children into each other’s lives! We are here for you too as you prepare for your Compassion Sunday, go to to check out everything that is available to you and let us know how we can come alongside you!

Please use the Planning Guide as a tool as you consider hosting a Compassion Sunday event at your church and as you talk with your pastor. Once you decide to get involved, you should:

  • Get permission from your pastor
  • Register your event
  • Plan your presentation

Compassion Sunday is May 4th but you can choose any date that best suits your church’s schedule. Please register soon so we can send your event kit. Visit to register your event, find more resources, ideas, and downloadable materials. If you misplaced your planning guide, you can order another at