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Compassion Advocate E-News is a monthly e-newsletter sent out to Compassion Advocates. Included in the Compassion Advocate E-News are upcoming classes and webinars, stories of what Advocates are doing and quick facts.

December 2013 Advocate E-News
Be Prepared: Order Child Packets, Share Catalog, Help Philippines

advocate-e-news-order-child-packet-75x75We want to encourage you to be prepared with advocate resources as you enter the Christmas and New Year’s seasons. Take only a few minutes now to get ready to share your Compassion ministry:

  • Order a couple of child packets to have on hand for those one-to-one sharing opportunities this holiday season.
  • Visit the Resource Page of the Compassion Gift Catalog to order catalogs, set up your wish list to share with others, view the video, and to access web banners and Facebook images. View and shop the catalog by visiting
  • Raise funds for the Philippines disaster. Ideas and materials can be found on our Resource Page
Coaching and Training

Merry Christmas from the Coaches and Trainers! It’s an honor to “speak up” with you.

Download Advocate Toolbar; Earn Money for Compassion

Have you downloaded the Compassion Advocate Toolbar yet? This is a must-have resource for every advocate. It's an all-in-one Compassion toolbar for Advocates! Place resource orders, sign-up for events, training and campaigns, write your child and much more.

Because (learn more) is the search engine that is built into the toolbar internet browser, every time you use the toolbar to search the web, you are earning money for Compassion. Compassion receives $0.01 for every search done through GoodSearch.

Please note that Google Chrome is not a supported browser for this toolbar. The toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer 6+ on systems running Windows XP, Vista, 7; and with FireFox 3.6+ on Mac OS X, and XP, Vista and 7.

New Resource Guide compassion-resource-guide-fall-2014
Advocate Network Management Staff

Greg Birgy
National Director

Jason Mezey
Coaching & Training

Gwen Petty
Event Facilitator Manager

John Blanton
Event Contractors Manager

Amanda Priefer
Advocate Manager

Amy Coddington
Karen Spencer
Rick Schluep
Ministry Managers

Rebekah Jordan
Event Volunteer Manager, Northwest

Allen Hinkle
Event Volunteer Manager, Northeast

Greg Gipson
Event Volunteer Manager, Southeast

Jason Wilkins
Event Volunteer Manager, South Central

Jim Hardaway
Event Volunteer Manager, Southwest

Bonnie Belzer
GMC Volunteer Program Manager

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