Back to School...Surf's Up!

Back to School...Surf's Up!

By: Greg Birgy, Advocate Engagement Director, USA

By the time this reaches your inbox, school will be well under way for children all across the U.S. I thought it might be a good time to take a deeper look at the educational component of Compassion’s holistic child development program.

Providing the opportunity to receive an education is one of the core aspects of Compassion’s ministry, but what you may not have known is just how diverse our educational programs can be. If you’ve participated in a Compassion tour and visited some of our implementing church partners around the world, seeing children gathered in an outdoor “classroom” under the shade of a big tree might not surprise you. Would you have ever dreamed that a Compassion classroom might involve a surf board and ocean waves?

Take less than three minutes to take a tour of some of the “creative classrooms” that exist in Compassion’s world. I’m sure you’ll be inspired to see how our church partners are contextualizing educational experiences to empower young people and launch them into the futures God has for them. I trust you’ll find this video encouraging and be pleased to see your sponsorship dollars at work shaping the lives of God’s children.

Now that you’ve seen one way that your sponsorship is making a difference, might you identify someone to share this video with, someone who may be inspired to join you as you “release children from poverty in Jesus’ name?” Maybe a co-worker, an educator, a small group? Invite someone to make a difference in the life of a child in need today, and challenge that person to consider how it may change his or her life too!