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  • How Do You Achieve A God-Sized Goal?

    Sep 15, 2014

    My first thought when confronted with this question is simply, "Only through God's provision!" It really begins and ends there, doesn't it? A God-sized goal is one that is bigger than what we can accomplish in our own strength using our finite human resources. Pursuing such a goal brings us to our knees in recognition of our need for God and our utter dependence upon him. That's not a bad place to find one's self; it's actually a most exciting place to be!

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  • Beautiful, Dirty Feet

    Sep 08, 2014

    This weekend, our feet got dirty. No really, we literally walked through inches of thick, gooey mud. We were at the Life Light music festival in Worthing, South Dakota, volunteering with Compassion – our aim was to encourage people to sponsor little children in order to give them hope and a future in Jesus Christ. Compassion has a huge presence at Life Light and brought well over 2000 child packets with them. The problem? There were not enough advocates and volunteers in the middle of South Dakota on Labor Day weekend. So 7 child advocates from Wisconsin made the trek out there to help. And it rained, and there was dirt and then mud. Lots of it!

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  • Take a Bite out of Malaria this Summer!

    Aug 18, 2014

    As a college student, I was blessed with the opportunity to serve on a mission team that spent 6 months in West Africa. It was an incredibly formative experience for me and ultimately led to my vocation with Compassion. My world was expanded in ways I could have never imagined. Some of those experiences bring a smile to my face decades later; others remind me of the challenges my brothers and sisters face to survive the sometimes threatening circumstances of everyday life.

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  • Advocate-created display used in Ohio church

    Aug 11, 2014

    Advocate Jason Scott and his father built this display for use in sharing Compassion with others. The display has a specific purpose during the month of August where it will be set up at Jason’s church, Fairfield Christian in Lancaster, Ohio. The engaging display highlights child sponsorship, Compassion Water of Life and Bite Back.

  • Experience Compassion Conferences – Events to encourage, equip, and engage

    Jul 28, 2014

    We want to celebrate your sponsorship and all the ways you advocate on behalf of children living in poverty. The next Experience Compassion Conference will be held September 6, 2014 in Chadd’s Ford, PA. Also, this ECC will be uniquely paired with the Compassion Mobile Experience!

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