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  |   Posted: June 30, 2014

Sponsors/Advocates Sandra Brencher and BB Harris recently joined efforts with their church, Clear Creek Community Church in League Cities, TX, to host Compassion’s touring exhibit Compassion Experience: Change the Story. Sandra reflects on the experience and the stories changed.

The trucks rolled away this morning, the two shiny white cabs pulling bright blue trailers, followed by the white passenger van, headed west to Midland. I’m sitting here crying. Four hundred seventy lives changed. They will learn about washing hands, staying safe, malaria, and AIDS, and go home to teach their families. Everyone in the family will have a little more to eat. Little girls will learn they can smile and don’t have to be invisible. Little boys will stand up straighter, knowing they are loved by Miss Janet, Miss Violet, Mr. Thomas, and others at the church. They will be part of a community, have someone to turn to in crisis, and have someone to pray for Grandmother. Girls, boys, parents, siblings will come to know Jesus and His grace.

  • Four hundred seventy full bellies.
  • Four hundred seventy hope and dreams for the future.
  • Four hundred seventy healthy children enrolled in school.
  • Four hundred seventy Americans engaged in a relationship of encouragement, telling a child, “you matter to me.” “I believe in you.” “God loves you and so do I.”
  • Four hundred seventy Americans sharing, giving up a few Starbucks.
  • Four hundred seventy Americans enlarging their circle of concern.
  • Four hundred seventy stories changed, times two.

Thank you, Clear Creek.

Visit to see when the Compassion Experience is coming near you, or contact to inquire into ways to bring it to your community.

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