Easy Button: De-Consign Child Information Packets Online

Easy Button: De-Consign Child Information Packets Online
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  |   Posted: June 02, 2014

What to Do With Those Extra Child Information Packets

You did it. You initiated a presentation and ordered child information packets to share Compassion’s sponsorship opportunity with others. But now some packets remain. What to do with them?

First, we know that child packets have expiration dates, so you are welcome to keep those packets and seek sponsors for those children until the packets expire. But if that is unlikely or the expiration date is fast approaching, please keep these facts in mind:

  • UNSPONSORED CHILDREN ARE WAITING. The sooner we can get the children’s names back into the unsponsored pool the faster we can give those kids another chance at sponsorship. This is always the primary goal.
  • THERE IS A COST INCURRED BY COMPASSION TO HAVE THESE PACKETS SHIPPED BACK TO US. So if the packets cannot get back to Compassion by the due date printed on them, please do not send them. After this due date has passed, Compassion will automatically deconsign expired packets through regular processes.
  • IF THE DUE DATE IS FIVE DAYS OUT (OR MORE) THEN DO MAIL THE PACKETS BACK TO COMPASSION. The packets will be manually deconsigned and returned to the pool ahead of the consignment schedule. By returning these packets ahead of the due date, they can go out to the next event more quickly.
  • YOU CAN ALSO RETURN CHILD PACKETS THROUGH AN EASY INTERNET PROCESS: For 20 or fewer packets, you do not need to return the packets if you use the following link and fill out the online form with the child information: forms.compassion.com/deconsignment/
Tips When Ordering and Returning Resources

Let Compassion equip you for your next presentation. To access the Advocate online order form or for resource order questions, email us at advocate@compassion.com or call (800) 336-7535 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT, to speak with a Compassion Advocate representative.


Compassion will equip you with brochures and child information packets. Materials arrive via FedEx with return labels and unique source codes for tracking your event. We can even supply customized donation forms to track funds raised from your event. To do this, simply request a coded donation form for your event and preference for where funds are to be allocated.


Before you toss the box that your resources were delivered in, take out the FedEx return label which is attached to the outside of the box. You can put the FedEx return label on the Tyvek envelope. If you lose or accidentally throw away any of these return items, we are happy to send you replacements.


To make it easier to return items securely, we offer KIT107 that comes with a FedEx label, Tyvek envelope and instructions on how to return completed child packet information forms. After a personal presentation, you can keep any brochures that remain. For returning child acceptance forms, rather than dropping the envelope off at a FedEx pickup box, it is more secure to drop it off inside at a FedEx location or call for a pickup.


When requesting materials for your own self-initiated presentation, request LB301 labels to put on the response portion of your brochures. Since the code is unique to you, if anybody takes a brochure from your presentation and decides to sponsor later, we’ll know where it came from. Plus, it helps us know how our resources are working!

IMPORTANT: To protect new-sponsor information, completed acceptance forms must be sent via FedEx or other secure, trackable service.

Download a PDF with all of this information.

New Resource Guide compassion-resource-guide-fall-2014