Compassion's History - 1950s

History of Compassion International through the 1950s.

Compassion's History - 1950s

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Evangelist Everett Swanson travels to South Korea to preach the gospel to the troops in the Republic of Korea army. During his visit he encounters children orphaned by the war. Rev. Swanson is challenged by a missionary friend: "You have seen the tremendous needs and unparalleled opportunities of this land. What do you intend to do about it?"
Two checks are presented to Rev. Swanson ($50 and $1,000) upon his return to America to help the orphans of Korea. "This was conclusive proof to me that God was in it," Swanson said.

Miriam Swanson, Everett's wife, and family friends, Dr. Gus and Helen Hemwall, encourage, support and work with Rev. Swanson in his efforts to help Korean orphans. Dr. Hemwall provides medical supplies and significant financial resources as Everett launches his overseas ministry.


Rev. Swanson begins to incorporate his experience in Korea into his revival meetings. Christians donate funds to purchase rice and fuel for the Korean children.  


Special sponsorship programs are developed so that individuals, families or churches can help support orphans for a few dollars a month.

Sponsorship money provides Biblical lessons, food, clothing, shelter and medical aid on a regular basis for the children of Korea.


A nonprofit corporation, the Everett Swanson Evangelistic Association, is launched to handle the funds and attend to the day-to-day business of ministering to orphans in South Korea.

The board of directors consists of:

  • Rev. Everett Swanson, president

  • Mrs. Miriam Swanson, vice president

  • Gus A. Hemwall, M.D., secretary and treasurer

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Compassion's History In 2012, Compassion celebrated 60 years of releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.

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